Skin friendly clever loop

In the case of Hallux valgus, the pulling force of the Hallufix® Taping Loop moves the big toe back in the direction of its natural position. When used against the hammer toe(s), the second or third toe is pulled downwards, which leads to immediate relief.

Wear the Hallufix® Taping Loops barefoot or under normal socks and stockings, with or without shoes.
On the right: With and without the Hallufix® Taping Loop (use for hallux valgus).


The Hallufix® Taping Loop is also excellent for use against hammertoes. Place the loop over the second and third toe to the back of the proximal phalanx.

The straps cross under the sole of the foot and are then passed around the heel. With both variants, start with a light correction, which you increase to approx. 8 hours a day according to tolerance.

Over time, the joint capsule and ligaments are mobilised by wearing the loop.