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When do metatarsal supports help?

If we put unphysiological pressure on our feet over a long period of time, for example by standing for a long time, the arch of the midfoot can no longer compensate as well for the load of the body weight. The pressure on the sole causes the distance between the heel bone and the metatarsal bone to shrink, as the surrounding muscles are permanently strained. This explains why standing for long periods of time often leads to foot deformities, usually splay feet.

Midfoot bandages

are used whenever the muscle and bone arch of the metatarsus can no longer withstand everyday stresses. They also help with congenital flat and hollow feet, with metatarsal pain or after metatarsal fractures. They help to move the metatarsal back into the correct position. In addition, metatarsal supports alleviate foot pain, support the transverse arch and relieve pressure on the ball of the foot.

What is a splayfoot?

Splayfoot is a foot deformity in which the metatarsal bones move further and further apart. Thus, the arch of the foot sinks and below the toes the foot becomes very wide. The effects are quickly noticeable. Already after a short time the feet hurt. The pain at the ball of the foot quickly becomes so bad that you either have to change your shoes or take them off completely.

When is a splay foot support suitable as indications?

The pain symptoms, especially at the ball of the foot, progress relatively quickly and are manifested after a short time by aching feet in the area of the ball of the foot. This pain can be so severe that sufferers even take off their shoes while on the move before continuing. In moments like these, many think of splayfoot surgery to put an end to the suffering. However, there are alternatives to splayfoot surgery. For example, conservative bandage support can be used to relieve pressure on the arch of the foot. A slightly different form is present in the case of fallen splayfoot, because not only the transverse arch of the foot is lowered, but also the longitudinal arch of the foot.

An indication of the bandage is the following signs:

- Strain pain in the forefoot and/or ball of the foot when standing and walking
- Feeling of numbness in the legs, unpleasant tingling and restless feet as well as shrinking of the ball of the foot fat pad
- Callus and callus formation
- Inflammatory changes in the metatarsophalangeal joints of the toes
- Sustained disturbance of the gait pattern

The Hallufix® metatarsal support is particularly suitable here

Always well supported with the Hallufix® metatarsal support. Whether in everyday life, leisure or sports, this support helps stabilize the metatarsal. The individually adjustable pad (cushion) straightens the transverse arch and distributes pressure.

The metatarsal brace helps you e.g. when doing sports, standing for a long time or when the foot is heavily loaded. The bandage is easy to put on and can be worn on both sides.

Hallufix metatarsal support with pad

The Hallufix® metatarsal brace with pad is the optimal solution for complaints resulting from hallux valgus or splayfoot. The development of a specially designed fastening system allows a precise fit fixation, while the tensile material stabilizes and relieves the midfoot. As a result, the transverse arch is straightened and the metatarsal is brought into the optimal position. The brace can be worn on both the left and right side in all sizes.

What are the advantages of a metatarsal brace?

- Relieves foot discomfort, Supports the transverse arch and relieves the ball of the foot Midfoot pain is reduced (Relieves foot discomfort in splayfoot and hallux valgus)
- Shock-absorbing and pressure-reducing properties
- Normal foot position is supported and normal walking motion
- Supports and stabilizes the metatarsal and metatarsal muscles
- Promotes active recovery
- Relieves foot pain from splayfoot and hallux valgus
- Tension-resistant material straightens the transverse arch of the metatarsal bone. The special fastening system ensures a precise fit and optimum support of the pad
- Prevention of pre-stage hallux valgus
- Precise fit on the foot thanks to the deflection mechanism
- Breathable material with high tensile strength for high wearing comfort for high wearing comfort
- Optimal hold due to unique fastening system
- Stabilizes and relieves the metatarsal bones
- Pad straightens the transverse arch and relieves the ball of the foot
- The foot remains protected and mobility is maintained

When is it useful to relieve the midfoot?

A metatarsal brace can relieve the foot by actively supporting the arch. On the one hand, this provides relief for overstrained tendons, muscles and bones. On the other hand, such a support can also be helpful to support the correction of malpositions, such as flat feet. One advantage of the bandage here is its universality: unlike an insole, a bandage fits most shoe models.

A bandage can also be used after a fracture or an operation on the midfoot. The affected person can start to build up the load without having to be too afraid of a re-injury if a bandage provides additional security.

Depending on the type of support, prophylactic use is also possible. For example, people who are exposed to high stress at work because they have to stand all day or lift very heavy things can prevent malpositioning or inflammation in the foot area through the targeted use of supports. At the latest, when the feet hurt at the end of a working day, this should be recognized as a warning sign. This is where the Hallufix® metatarsal bandage can provide support.

With a midfoot bandage, the midfoot is specifically compressed and the weak transverse arch is specifically rebuilt. Midfoot supports are suitable for acute therapy. A splayfoot bandage is ideal for pain relief in the case of complaints with a splayfoot. The supports are used for stress pain in the metatarsal region, postoperatively after foot surgery and also for problems with a bunion(hallux valgus). The bandage helps to straighten the transverse arch and relieve the forefoot soft tissues.

What are the areas of application for the Hallufix® metatarsal support?

- Splayfoot
- hallux valgus
- metatarsalgias (inflammation of the metatarsophalangeal joints)
- metatarsal inflammations and fractures
- flatfoot and fallen arches
- high arches
- inflammations
- after a metatarsal fracture
- after an operation
- for pain relief

What causes can lead to splayfoot?

- a trauma (injury)
- paralysis caused by damage to the nervous system
- weakened ligaments
- bone necrosis
- rheumatic diseases
- a hollow foot with a steep position of the metatarsal bones
- frequent wearing of high heels

What late effects can develop from untreated splayfoot?

If the symptoms of splayfoot are ignored and not treated, unpleasant late consequences can occur. From an already pathological condition, the fascia tissue becomes increasingly weaker and can no longer hold the foot in its shape. Calluses form and permanent pain occurs in the area of the metatarsal bones. Continuous incorrect loading can even lead to bursitis (inflammation of the bursa) in the forefoot area.

Furthermore, the metatarsal bones move further and further apart. This can result in the forefoot area slowly widening and at some point the shoe becomes too tight. Even the foot length can increase due to the splayfoot malposition. Not infrequently, this leads to secondary diseases such as:

- Hallux valgus
- Hallux rigidus
- Hammer or claw toe as well as the tailor's bunion
- Morton neuroma
- Metatarsalgia (pain in the midfoot)