The original - Made in Germany.

The Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint is 100% produced and assembled in Germany.

With a growing number of partners throughout Europe (currently more than 25) and around the world, including Japan, South Korea, India, Kuwait, etc., Hallufix® is a global player with its high-quality products for hallux valgus (painful bunions).

Unfortunately, there are always low-quality copies of the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint on the market.

The Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint is protected by patents, utility models and registered designs in the main international markets. Nevertheless, our product is illegally copied by foreign suppliers and mainly offered via the internet. 

For more than 15 years, the original Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint has been convincing users around the world with its functionality and precision-fit design. A success story for our users "Made in Germany".

The Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint is recognised by health insurance companies in Germany and partly also internationally and is reimbursed. An absolute prerequisite for this is that the therapeutic effectiveness of the splint is proven by recognised institutes and studies.

Recognise the original.

The following differences from our original product to the various plagiarisms are repeated for each copy.

- Inferior manufacturing quality and surface finish

- Poor kinematics

- Risk of breakage

- No breathable materials

- High weight

- Metal bolts

- Yellow inner padding


Product safety of the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint

1. Production
Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint - original: exclusively in Germany

Counterfeits / replicas: mainly in Asia and Eastern Europe

2. CE marking
Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint - original: CE mark present

The following remarks apply:
Medical devices may only be placed on the market if they bear the CE marking. The CE marking may be affixed if the devices meet the "Essential Requirements" and the prescribed conformity assessment procedure has been carried out. 

As a medical device, the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint fulfils all requirements according to
MDR (Medical Device Regulation) (EU) 2017/745

Counterfeits/ replicas:
No CE mark - In some cases, it is stated that the product is not a medical device.

3. Fracture safety:
Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint - Original:
When used as intended: fracture safety - tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute to meet the necessary criteria for fracture and bending stress. Highest material quality.

Counterfeits / replicas:
When used as intended: Products break easily.

4. Safety certificates
Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint - Original:
Safety data sheets, Ökotex certificates and/or allergy tests are available for all materials used.

Counterfeits / replicas:
Not known

Where can I buy the Hallufix®
Hallux valgus Splint?

Our product is sold worldwide in medical supply shops, orthopaedic shops and pharmacies or directly in our Hallufix online shop. Hallufix® ships all its products worldwide.


And what if I prefer to buy from Amazon or Ebay & Co.

There are online suppliers, who advertise with the name Hallufix® or state Hallufix® as the manufacturer and sometimes even use picture material of Hallufix®.

However, these are often cheap copies without any use or function. Therefore, when buying online, make sure that the seller guarantees that the item is a Hallufix® original. If the Hallufix® logo is not embossed on the Splint and/or Hallufix® is not named as the manufacturer on the packaging, return the item. 

Together with Amazon and Ebay, we take action against the sellers of these replicas and regularly have their shops deleted.

There are websites for ordering a Hallux valgus splint directly.

Will I receive an original Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint there?

A clear no, if it is not the Hallufix® website or a website of our partners in the medical supply trade with their own webshop.

Before placing your order, please check who is behind the respective website and can you identify the manufacturer from the legally required imprint.