Behind the term hallux valgus is the bunion. For those affected, this is not only an aesthetic problem, but is also medically relevant. Because the so-called hallux valgus can cause severe pain, which is noticeable in the front area of the foot. If the hallux valgus is already in an advanced stage, a hallux valgus surgery is the last resort. If the bunion is not yet so pronounced, however, there are various ways to counteract the hallux valgus and relieve your pain. 

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What exactly is Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus is a toe deformity that refers to the big toe. Visually, this toe deformity is recognized by an inclination to neighboring toes as well as by an outward arching of the foot. This deformity is caused by the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe and the metatarsal bone shifting outward.

The first signs are pain, which is noticeable when wearing very tight shoes. The big toe shows a medial deviation from the center of the body. At this point, affected individuals may notice redness and thickening. Due to these circumstances, severe pain is caused in affected individuals. If it is an early stage, sufferers often try to cure hallux valgus naturally. To cure hallux valgus or the pain associated with it naturally, there are several approaches. You can try physiotherapy and targeted foot exercises or wear a splint to counteract the bunion. At an advanced stage, only surgery can be considered, but this promises a high success rate.

The causes of hallux valgus

Hallux valgus can be triggered by various factors. These factors include, for example, wearing the wrong shoes, insufficiently developed connective tissue and a splay foot that is either acquired or congenital. Women are affected by this problem much more often, because they have weaker connective tissue than men do.

Why the wrong shoe can be responsible for hallux valgus

To do this, you need to know that a healthy foot is made up of many bones. These are held together by a combination of ligaments and muscles. Hallux valgus has its cause in the middle area of the foot, because there are a lot of small bones. These are referred to as wedge bones. Only when the foot is healthy, they are characterized by a stable arch. The stability is lost when they sink. This is what causes hallux valgus.

Now, as a rule, the human foot has all the prerequisites to withstand high loads. Even if you are on the move for hours every day, this does not pose a problem for the foot muscles and bones. It only becomes problematic when the foot is no longer functional. And this is where the wrong shoes are a common problem. Tight shoes, too high heels or other constellations lead exactly to this problem. For this reason, it is important to always ensure that your footwear fits perfectly. Not only can they prevent hallux valgus, but also other malpositions.

In the case of hallux valgus, the wrong shoes lead to a restricted range of motion by forcing the foot into an unnatural position from the outside. This leads to impairment at all levels, which not only promotes hallux valgus, but can also lead to splay feet or hammertoes.

Hallux valgus pain cure naturally

Surgery is not always necessary to relieve the pain or eliminate the aesthetic problem. To cure hallux valgus naturally, it is important to seek orthopedic treatment at the first signs and pain. 

In the meantime, there are numerous conservative therapy options or hallux valgus aids with which good results can be achieved. However, important prerequisites must be met for this:

The foot should meet these conditions:
Medically, the foot should be flexible and mobile
- The musculature of the foot should not be restricted

The joint capsule must also meet requirements:
no massive functional restriction
- no excessive deviation of bone development 

Auxiliary means

Another way to heal your hallux valgus discomfort naturally are aids that support you in everyday life and can be integrated optimally. With the hallux valgus aids you can relieve your pain and also the anatomically correct position is supported with it.

What hallux valgus aids are available?

Hallux Valgus Tapes

Tapes can be used to intervene from the outside to achieve the anatomically correct shape of the feet. Many active and especially athletic people resort to the tape before they go on a hike or engage in any other sporting activity. Pain can also be massively alleviated through the use of the tape. The tape is also ideal for supporting medical treatment.

Hallux valgus Splint

Hallux splints are also an effective aid for putting the big toe back in the right position. You can easily apply the splint to the foot, which fixes the big toe and thus keeps it in the correct position. This treatment leads to an expansion of the stiffened capsule.

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Hallux valgus shoes

Appropriate hallux valgus shoes are a good way to treat hallux valgus when it is still in an early stage. The hallux valgus shoes are produced specifically for the hallux valgus deformity and can be easily and individually adjusted to your needs.

Conclusion: cure hallux valgus naturally

For those affected, hallux valgus is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a medical component. For this reason, it is important to counteract this development in good time. The earlier the problem is recognized, the sooner surgery can be avoided. Among the most proven conservative treatment options are physiotherapy, tape splint and the special hallux valgus shoes.