What is new about the
Slim Comfort?

1. fits in any comfortable shoe

2. narrower, lighter and more comfortable

3. can be worn day and night

4. can be worn on both sides

5. soft inside, no extra gel pad needed.

6. 100% Made in Germany

Our Slim Comfort helps immediately

Our splint corrects your big toe malposition and provides not only immediate pain relief, but also pressure relief for your sensitive bunion.

Go wherever you want with our hallux valgus splint - like walking on clouds

100% foot mobility thanks to the stepless splint joint.

Thanks to the newly developed shape and material combination, the new hallux valgus splint Slim Comfort gently nestles against your sensitive bunion.

The original from Hallufix® - the new Slim Comfort Hallux valgus splint

Why Slim Comfort?

1. wear your new splint by day and by night.

2. get faster corrections.

3. super soft gel ring glued into the joint on demand.

4. preventive for hallux valgus.

5. postoperative - securing the result of the operation.
Shortening the duration of rehabilitation.

6. numerous studies prove us right.

7. products from the expert for hallux - Hallufix® Always one step ahead.

Pain relief and correction

The internationally patented Hallufix® Hallux valgus splint Slim Comfort provides pain relief and gentle correction of your big toe deformity.

Hallufix® is the expert and market leader in hallux valgus splints since 2005.