Hallufix® Softies Toe Spreader

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Why Hallufix®

Our highest demand is your satisfaction in the treatment of your Hallux valgus.

Hallufix® orthopaedic products stand for innovative technology, high-quality materials and precise workmanship and have done so since 2007.

In addition to the patented Hallux valgus splint, we also offer the world's first therapy sandals. With these sandals and mules, the name says it all: wearing time is therapy time. With the help of the individually adjustable big toe strap, the Hallux is treated from the very first minute.

Hallufix® products have already won various international awards. Trust the market leader.

Our products

All Hallufix® products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Whether it is the finest Italian leather or the most modern and innovative plastic solutions, only the best materials are used in Hallufix® products.

Highest quality, made in Germany, at home in Grünwald near Munich.