The Hallux Valgus Splint from

Scientists and orthopaedic surgeons developed

Immediate relief of discomfort

Can be worn during the day and at night

Proven to correct toe malpositioning

No restriction when walking due to patented joint splint system

Can be worn right or left, easy to put on

Soft gel side cushion for high wearing comfort.

The splint is available in three sizes:
For shoe sizes S 34 - 36, M 36 - 42 and L 41 - 46

The hallux valgus Splint

On prescription

The Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint can be prescribed in Germany for conservative correction and post-operative use.

(HMV No.

In Switzerland, the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint can be prescribed under MIGEL No.

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Questions and answers

What is Hallux valgus?

Hallux valgus - or bunion - is one of the most common foot deformities in the western world. In Germany, every 8th person suffers from the painful crooked position of the big toe.

What is the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint?

The Hallufix® Hallux valgus splint was developed by scientists and orthopaedists to correct the malpositioning of the big toe ("bunion", technical term: Hallux valgus).

The Splint is 100% manufactured and assembled in Germany.

How does the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint work?

- The Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint returns the foot to its natural shape.
- Regular wearing corrects the malposition of the joint.
- The natural rolling movement can be performed again without pain.
- The metatarsal support straightens the arch of the foot again.
- Splayed feet (common with Hallux valgus) are also supported by the support.

When can I use the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint?

- Preventive (for mild and moderate Hallux valgus) and post-operative.

What does preventive use of the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint mean?

- Initially, the Hallux is usually only a cosmetic problem, but over time it can cause increasing pain.
- In mild and moderate cases, wearing the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint regularly relieves the pain and counteracts further deterioration of the big toe deformity.
- Studies confirm that the Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint is an effective aid for correcting Hallux valgus deformity.

What are the advantages of the
Hallufix® Hallux valgus Splint?

- Correction of big toe malposition not only at rest but also when walking and standing.

- Supports the foot at every turn.

- Can be used preventively and postoperatively.

- Protection and, if necessary, cooling of the sensitive bunion area.

- Shortening the rehabilitation period after Hallux valgus surgery.

When and how often should I wear the Splint?

We recommend wearing the splint regularly at night. Barely noticeable, the splint can thus have an optimal corrective effect. If necessary, you can also wear the hallux valgus splint during the day for about 2-3 hours. For example, in a sock while doing housework. At the beginning, please enter the splint by the hour.

Sleep well despite bunion (Hallux valgus)

Nightly movement is a built-in protective mechanism of the body to avoid pressure points and to distribute blood evenly throughout the body. Up to 20 rotations per night are normal so that the cardiovascular system can ensure an optimal blood supply. Sleepers on hard surfaces sometimes turn up to 80 times per night.

How often does the health insurance pay for a Hallux valgus Splint?

If you need a hallux valgus splint , in most cases it is prescribed by your orthopedist or family doctor. The prescription must be filled within 30 days of receipt. The cost of a hallux valgus splint is subsidized by the health insurance company. A prescription co-payment for aids is a maximum of 10 euros or 10% of the cost. Usually, the health insurance covers the costs for bandages and orthoses once a year. For this purpose, specify the medical aid number (HMV no.) at the medical supply store.